Friday, March 12, 2010

Is The Light On

Seems we have forgotten what makes this country different and ultimately great. We are a nation of laws. Every law is a building block that secures and upholds our nation.

While other nations are nations of men. Whoever is in power, determines the direction the wind blows. There is never a moment of security or consistency to base an economy on and corruption is normal business of state.

Once the foot size of the new king changed the standards of everything in a nation. What they liked and didn't like dictated what was bought, sold and raised. Many nations still function under a government system that mimics these kinds of crazy changes. If that wasn't bad enough, the greed that consumes some in power often reduces a nation to ruin.

This lack of understanding of what makes our nation great, makes so called do-gooders think ignoring a law here and there will make things better. Instead we water down what makes the country great and serve to make it what all the other nations are. The very compassion they are so proud of serves to destroy the only hope and security that is longed for.

Some come to get what we have but fail to recognize the true essence of our greatness. We are not great because of the dollar, it is only a symptom of why we are great. We are not great because of our many universities and tech schools, who help us on our quest for knowledge. We are not great because of our technology, it only serves to strengthen our ideas. We have achieved greatness through consistent laws that secure freedom. The laws have been laid down one by one each securely anchored to the constitution that serves as the bedrock to the entire structure.

Freedom, secured by our constitution and Bill of Rights, gave every individual opportunity to dream and to set a path aimed at securing that dream. Freedom offers everyone the opportunity to succeed of fail and reap what ever comes of those choices. Greatness came by individuals taking risks in their pursuit of happiness.

If we wish to stay free, we need to shake off nannyism. The weight of government will suppress freedom. Government intervention and regulation has robbed us of much of our freedom. The choices of a free person have been constantly reduced with good intentions. Their desire to help has slowly squashed the life out of those they seek to save.

America is slipping to third world status before our eyes, and those who we have chosen to represent us, have no idea what this nation stands for or is about. We are the beacon on the hill but the light is growing ever dimmer.

Suggested Reading for those who represent us.
The Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Supreme Court Cases Since Birth of Our Nation

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Blogger drjim said...

Wonderfully put!
Let's just hope we have a chance left to reverse this slide downhill.

3:50 PM, March 12, 2010  
Blogger Joe said...

Great minds do indeed think alike.

7:49 PM, March 12, 2010  

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