Monday, October 16, 2006

Nuclear Test?

North Korea tried to show the world that they too are one of the big players and deserve respect in the eyes of the world. After a few days of intense laughter the world got the message and started working toward sanctions. They sanctioned things like Champaign, cigars and push up bras. Kim Jong-Ill has been hurt terribly by this and is secretly planning a second test to clear the record. He can't earn respect the old fashion way, so he throws tantrums and blows things up. He wants us to get the message, "I am a spoiled brat and I will get my way."

The media keeps telling us that Iran is watching and will stop its activity if we handle NK right. What kind of fool would think that one nut job even cares what another nut job is doing? There is more likely to be a case of attention needed. "Look NK is getting all the attention. We need to do something bigger so we can be on the front page too."

Even the Iraqi insurgants have figured out the press cycle and make sure they kill a dozen or so people in a timely manner to keep up the media blitz. It all comes down to working the world press. You need a good press advisor in order to keep your name on the front page.

Well, I think the US could use a couple of front page stories. What do you say we do a couple of nuclear tests of our own? I can get the coordinates.

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