Monday, August 17, 2009

Can We Do It The Right Way?

The atomic bomb approach of government is the wrong way to fix what is wrong with healthcare. We don't need an out of control government program making decisions about individual health needs.
In many of my past posts I have laid out the problems with healthcare. They are real problems that need addressing. The new plan proposed by BO creates a whole new set of problems that have far worse and often catastrophic results.

A couple of days ago I got in a discussion about the "end of life counseling" rules, also called the "Death Panel", placed in the healthcare bill. Many on the left are trying to brush this off as prudent and responsible acts for each individual. The real issue with the "Death Panel" is that it is designed to attack at the most vulnerable moment.
I don't have a problem with someone helping people plan for the future. We all are going to have to face death in some fashion. The problem is how the bill is set to trigger over and over again at every vulnerable moment looking to snatch life out of depression. Looking to claim death as a viable and perhaps selfish alternative. No where in the bill does it allow this process to stop when a person has put something in writing or has created an end plan.
The goal appears to be "life ending" not end of life planning.

As you read through the bill you find more and more issues like the above. The bill directs payments to medical providers to come in line with the Medicare Guidelines. We currently have medical facilities across the country closing its doors to Medicare patients because of the below cost payment schedule. The government is not only a slow payer but they fail to actually cover the cost of the medical event. I don't know too many people in business to make a living who are willing to go in the hole every time someone walks in the door.
I have written many articles on cutting the cost of business and where the true costs of business lie. No matter who dictates the pay structure a business will only last if it can break even or better. What will keep our nations healthcare running if they can't pay their bills?
The answer will probably come in another mega bailout wiping out all government suggested gains and doing unrepairable harm to our medical delivery system. We can't afford for this scenario to play out across America.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post Ablur. Government control scares me. I still feel like we should only fix whats broken instead of this overhaul.

I think the "death panel" issue is one that the government should not mandate. I've expressed my feelings on what I want to be done if I were facing death or brain damage. It should be something we face when we choose.

4:31 PM, August 17, 2009  

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