Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tax Payers are Tired

I am tired of working for the government. I keep getting taxed more and more. Our government takes our money and spends it foolishly at best. Their party days need to end. We need serious leaders not career politicians. I want the return of the founders vision where people go to Washington for but a season and then return to their personal affairs. These limited exposures to all the money and power could get us a real working government that understands and observes the limits of our constitution.

Maybe we need a new pay system for our leaders. Full payment for service up to two terms and then reduce it by half for every term afterward with no retirement package.

Maybe they need a new itinerary that says they have to spend more time with their constituents then in Washington DC. Perhaps if they had to spend time with those who want them to represent them, we might actually get represented.

Probably the number one thing on our list is stop spending. We can only be bled out so far and I think we have reached that point.

We don't need to raise the debt ceiling we need to cut the legs off of the spending plans.

We don't need to raise the debt ceiling we need to raise employment so more people pay into the system.

We don't need to raise the debt ceiling we need to stop illegal immigration and the massive funding that feeds these leaches on the system.

There are a lot of things that We The People want done. Unfortunately, everyone we elect to do them turns tail. I will say I am rather impressed with our current freshman class in DC. We need to send a few more like them. It is nice to see a politician with a spine and a conscious.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stop Spending

Is it simply too obvious?

Could the American people make it any plainer?

The CATO Institute did a great job of boiling it all down for us. Please go and review the information and come back.

Our government has gotten bloated with redundancies and special interests. Now is the time to go back and remove all the waste. There are thousands of unnecessary programs and departments that are eating away at our nation. Year after year we send people to Washington DC to address these issues and time after time they have turned a blind eye to these while enacting more bloated wasteful programs.

Have you ever watched someone who is addicted quit cold turkey? We have tried various interventions and weening programs only to find America back on the spending wagon in short order. We must stand now. We must put our foot down and accept the situation for what it is -- bad. For the good of our nation and the future of our children we must stand strong.

Yes, I know there are those who have become dependant on the government programs. Real leaders would be going before our nation and asking charity groups and religious institutions to prepare. They would be sending out notices to those about to lose this crutch to seek other sources. Why should our bloated government that wastes most of its money on layers of bureaucracy be even attempting to do what local charities can do for so much less? This should be a state or community project as our constitution would suggest.

Stand strong and say No More. Our children and grandchildren will thank you. Don't wait for them to ask what you did with their freedom.

Something to think about. It is worth the watch.

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