Monday, June 25, 2007

Judge with No Reasonable Judgment

The judge who sued over his lost pants for millions of dollars should have every case he ever sat over be submitted for review. It should be appartent to the world that this guy should have never been a judge. He has no ability to reason or inturpret common words and phrases. If I was in this guys municipality I might want to bring suit against him for all wages ever paid. Maybe for defamation.

I want to appluad the judge for awarding the dry cleaners all there legal fees. At least some justice prevailed in this case.


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The Polls Tell the Story

I am not big on poles. Usually they are within a few points and don't mean anything. Often the questions are so convoluted or biased they make their own conclusion without the input of those being poled. I will take this moment to look at a poll simply because the separation between the two sides are so extreme.

The Wall Street Journal and NBC News did a poll and had some dramatic results.

All immigrants who apply to be U.S. citizens would be required to learn English

Imposing new fines on businesses that hire illegal immigrants

Increasing border security by building a fence along part of the U.S. border with Mexico and by hiring and training more border patrol agents

Immigrants who want to come to the U.S. to work and who are not already here could apply for a two-year work visa that they could renew up to two times

Allowing illegal workers who arrived in the U.S. to apply for permanent U.S. residency if they return to their home country within eight years and pay additional fines

Allowing illegal workers who arrived in the U.S. before January 1st of this year to receive an automatic work visa if they pay a fine of around five thousand dollars

Source: Hart/Newhouse / The Wall Street Journal / NBC NewsMethodology: Telephone interviews with 1,008 American adults, conducted from Jun. 8 to Jun. 11, 2007. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.

If we in America get it how come those in DC don't? We need to keep the pressure up long enough for their heads to pop out of their rectums so they can clearly see. Any politician's biggest fear is loss of power. Remind them clearly that their career is on the line.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Going The Wrong Way

Like a car driving down the wrong side of the freeway. The president has taken a head on collision with the American People. Pole after pole has reported overwhelmingly that the people don't want this bill. The immigration reform bill is a bitter pill that America won't swallow. You can tell where I stand on the issue by simply reading down the page.

Bush apparently wants this package. He even took the ever so rare journey to the Republican policy luncheon. He seems completely blind to the fact that the American people have said NO. Everyone in DC has gotten this message Loud and Clear, but George.

Even Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) has a clear picture of the problem. "We . . . have lost credibility in Washington ....."

"A lot of the problems we're facing now come from a low level of confidence in the Congress and a low level of confidence in the administration," said Isakson (R-Georgia).

Other Republicans wrote a formal letter outlining the key issue. "We respectfully ask that your Administration enforce the border security laws that have already been authorized by Congress regardless of whether the Senate passes the immigration reform bill," the letter said. "Securing the border is the best way to restore trust with the American people and facilitate future improvements of our immigration policy."

Look George, the message is clear. Secure the border and enforce the laws on the books. Tell your friends down south that the majority has made its decision and they lost.

Article of Interest

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey, Bill Both You and the President Are Wrong

This immigration (should read illegal alien) bill is driving me nuts. I really got hot earlier when O’Reilly’s Talking Points gave this bill the nod and then attacked people like me who oppose it by saying we don’t have a plan.
Bill when your minions do their blog search and find this article, I hope they bring it straight to you.

We in opposition to this travesty have a plan. In fact our plan has been in development and underfunded for years. Our plan worked great when Ellis Island was the door of entry. Our plan kept America safe and strong. Our plan encouraged assimilation into the American culture. Our plan was a win-win for both American and Immigrant. Families and businesses sponsored entry into our great nation and America flourished.

The sad part is that our plan that is still on the books. It is underfunded and ignored. Municipalities have created their own don’t ask don’t tell policies in dealing with those they come in contact with. In recent years banks and financial institutions have embraced these intruders.

If we are to expect our laws to have any value, they need to be enforced. Our immigration laws have been ignored for years. If they want a new immigration law then they need to demonstrate that they can enforce what they currently have. If the current laws are proven to not work then we show a need for something new. Currently, we want to ignore many years of debate and good policies put forth by our representatives in exchange for what amounts to a knee jerk reaction.

Yes, we have a problem. The problem is out of hand because we haven’t followed the existing law. This problem can be resolved with only one action from our government. Fund and enforce the laws on the books. Employers, who hire illegals, need to be fined or closed. Border Patrol officers need to be armed and encouraged to use force to protect us. Our border should be clearly marked and well patrolled. Current laws for immigration should be dusted off and fully used.

Oh, and if we truly do need more workers we can adjust our visa work program to accommodate the need. Our nation won’t collapse by removing the crowd from our work force. We may find we don’t need as many workers when we remove this vast illegal alien horde from our supply chain.

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