Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Candidate for President

I want a candidate who is 100% sold out for the United States of America.

I want a candidate who looks to surround himself with people 100% sold out for the United States of America.

I want a candidate who leads knowing the perspective and sacrifice of the founders of the United States of America.

I want a candidate who seeks NO opinions from foreign powers and looks to the people of the United States of America.

I want a candidate who is determined to keep our nation sovereign and close our borders, declaring this as our country the United States of America.

I want a candidate who knows and sees the best nation in the world and wishes to keep it so, as the United States of America.

Any faultier that does not lead me to the conclusion that it is best for the United States of America, should be scorned and driven out. We are electing the President of the United States of America!
We need to keep our eye on the ball!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tancredo Is Making Sense

You need to read this interview. Even if your not a fan of Tom, take the key points and bring it to the national stage.

We need a candidate who demands border security and won't fall for amnesty.

Illegal immigration effects every area of America! (Schools, Prisons, Health, Environment, Ecology, .......)

Diversity is killing our nation.

We are being reduced to a third world nation.

The North American Union must be stopped or lose or sovereignty.

The courts have watered down what made our country great.

Before we can truly succeed in the War On Terror we need a Deterrent.

Winning on all these points, is winning back America. That is the direction we need our candidates to take. We are running out of time for PC fun and games. We need serious leaders with ideas and real personal convictions to head up our government.

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Fighting Illegal Immigration

I have spent a lot of my time and energy fighting illegal immigration. I have suffered some abuse from my stand on this issue. In many cases, I have even converted a few zealots from the dark side.

Many of you have also stood on the right side of this issue. We know our country is at stake in the battle. Let us not be confused, this is a battle and there are people dying. There are many who are wounded who could use our help.

I would like to point you to a young business that has stood its ground on the battle front of immigration and could lose it all in the fight.
The Blue Star Deli in Farmers Branch, Texas is taking some serious hits in this battle. They offer good food at reasonable prices with a heart set on keeping our America alive. If any of you stopping by here could possible visit Dave at the Blue Star Deli and lend him your support. Sit down and have a meal in a Deli that has America first.

If you don't live any where nearby take a look at the menu, wishing you were, and calculate up an order and send him a check. Let him know that you and the bloggers for America want to help. Tell him to keep up the fight.
Hey Dave, it looks like I owe you $7.97 for lunch. I sure could go for that Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger, Tots and a Tall Iced Tea. Only wish I could be there to eat it. I'm putting the check in the mail, thanks for fighting for us.
Hat tip to TexasFred.
Blue Star Deli On the Web.
Support America and those who are Truly American.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

America's New #1 Song

This is Fantastic!

Thanks Bob for Pointing this out.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Get Behind This

If the Federal government, who is charged by the constitution with the duty to protect and secure the people of the USA, can't do it then community by community the people of this great nation will do it. The government, paralyzed by political fears, will have the power ripped from them by the people who really are in charge.

Nothing hurts a politician more then reducing there power. With the goals of securing this nation as top priority let us use our power to put laws and people in motion. Look at the power of the community embodied by this aritcle.

Already a number of towns have followed Hazelton, PA's lead, including Farmers Branch, Texas; Valley Park, Mo.; and Riverside, N.J., which passed a measure fining landlords $1,000 per day for renting to illegals and removing business licenses from employers who hire illegals.
Opponents have filed lawsuits insisting the new laws usurp federal authority. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which challenged Hazelton in court, said four communities had passed similar measures and another 17 were considering them.
On the state level, legislatures have considered more than 550 pieces of immigration-related legislation. In Georgia, a massive
immigration reform package passed one year ago sanctioned employers who hire illegals and anyone who offers them access to public services. Colorado's legislature later passed similar measures.

This is the Real power of the people in action. Don't lose momentum now! Keep up the mailing and calling until action has been taken. It may take time, but this is our country and we need to remember who is really in charge.

More Evidence

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

American Dream

I had a dream the other night, I didn't understand.
A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.
His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by the bed,
He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low, he said:
"We fought a revolution, to secure our liberty.
We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny,
For future generations, this legacy we gave,
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave."

"The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you'd always keep.
But tyrants labored endlessly, while your parents were asleep.
Your freedom gone, your courage lost, you're no more than a slave,
In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave."
"You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun,
Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.
On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent,
Although you have no voice in choosing how the money's spent."

"Your children must attend a school that doesn't educate.
Your Christian values can't be taught, according to the state.
You read about the current news, in a regulated press.
You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the I.R.S."
"Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold.
You trade your wealth for paper, so your life can be controlled.
You pay for crimes that make our nation turn from God in shame,
You've taken Satan's number, as you've traded in your name."

"You've given government control to those who do you harm,
So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm,
And keep the country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,
Harass your fellow countrymen, while corrupted courts prevail."
"Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oath they've sworn.
Your daughters visit doctors so their children won't be born.
Your leaders ship artillery and guns to foreign shores,
And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people's wars."

"Can you regain freedom for which we fought and died?
Or don't you have the courage or the faith to stand with pride?
Are there no more values for which you'll fight to save?
Or do you wish your children to live in fear and be a slave?"
"Sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand!
Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land!
Preserve our great republic and each God-given right,
And pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright!"

As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from which he came.
His words were true, we are not free. We have ourselves to blame.
For even now as tyrants trample each God-given right,
We only watch and tremble, too afraid to stand and fight.
If he stood by your bedside, in a dream while you're asleep,
And wondered what remains of our rights he fought to keep,
What would be your answer, if he called out from the grave?
Is this still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

Author Unknown

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