Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loud and Clear

I have lost count on the number of times I have written on healthcare. I am sure this won't be the last. In each of my writings I have tried to bring forth the actual wishes of the American People. The key issue that has kept Americans pushing on our leaders has been the cost. The cost of healthcare keeps rising higher and higher. If we are to afford healthcare, then something has to be done to stop this rise.

Our congressional leaders in all their wisdom have completely avoided all possible solutions that would cut costs and instead chose to further increase the cost burden. To make it even more felonious, they have chosen to take money in advance of any future services further increasing the burden on us all. We not only have to pay for todays health needs but now through additional taxes and fees, cuts in benefits and medical rationing, we will be paying for future benefits that will be even less then our current system.

They have attempted to hide the fact that we will pay this burden. Businesses pass on taxes and fees in increased cost of goods sold and cut backs in payroll and employment. Each of us is struggling to make ends meet now. How will you afford the cost increases you will have on daily need items? The market is far to fluid for only one group to bare this burden. It will ultimately be shared by all. The question is, how much is our share?

Enough is enough, tell them to dump this travesty and start over. Could we try incorporating some of the cost savings measures we have asked for and stop the power grab.

Write them again. If you don't have it memorized, use the tool on my side bar.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Possibly True

Have a Merry Government-Regulated Christmas
Posted By Frank J. Fleming On December 25, 2009 @ 12:00 am In Humor & Fun, Politics,

The following is the transcript of the speech President Barack Obama gave for this holiday season.

My fellow Americans, as you spend time with your family this holiday season, I have an important proposal for you all to consider. Many of you like to celebrate Christmas. Children love to wake up Christmas morning and go see all the presents waiting under the tree. But what about the children who don’t get any presents? What happens with them? The United States Marines have their Toys for Tots program [1], but that just attacks the symptom. We need a real solution, and that means tackling what is at the heart of the problem: Santa Claus.

For too long, present-giving has been held hostage by the whims of this single man who is accountable to no one. Bearded, obese, and probably mentally unstable, Santa is someone we obviously don’t want near our children. He’s even somehow associated with known malcontent Jesus Christ (I’m not quite sure who he is, but I remember Jeremiah Wright mentioning him once or twice so I assume he has something to do with the creation of the AIDS virus).

Every year, Santa engages in some sort of domestic spying program, watching our children like a pedophile in wait, and he determines which children are “naughty” or “nice.” His methods for determining this are unknown; we also can’t know whether there is a racial disparity in these lists. He then makes his presents for the select few using non-union elf labor and comes to our neighborhoods in an unregistered sleigh pulled by disease-bearing caribou. Then Santa breaks into our houses and engages in his personal form of justice, leaving presents for the children he arbitrarily deems “good” and coal for the children he labels “bad.” This is the worst form of vigilante justice — even worse than anything Batman would do — as it targets children.

Some would say we are helpless to fight the tyranny of Santa and must do nothing, lest he harms our kids; others say we must end Christmas and abolish all gift-giving. This is a false choice. We can have Christmas and presents, and we can be free of the judgmental madman known as Santa. What we need is a government takeover of the Christmas business.

The government has always made knowing the needs of its citizens its specialty, and the FBI already has extensive files on everyone, so we know who is naughty and who is nice. So what entity is better qualified to give gifts to all of its citizens? Plus, our methods would be open to the public — to a certain extent (you may need to file an FOIA request). Furthermore, we would make sure everyone receives gifts. Everyone. And best of all, it will be deficit neutral. In fact, it will actually reduce the deficit through efficiencies and through confiscating magic fairy dust from the North Pole and applying it to the budget.

Already, some are trying to scare you, saying this government takeover means you won’t get quality presents or there will be long delays in receiving them. This is false. I am a pro-present president. In fact, as a legislator, my favorite thing to vote was “present.” Let me be clear. Everyone will get the present he or she wants. And there will be no primitive moralizing to decide who is worthy of receiving gifts, and there will especially be no coal in anyone’s stocking, as that will be made illegal under cap and trade. That’s right: A Merry Christmas for all with gifts you’ll enjoy, and it will not cost you a single dime more. Not one dime.

Here is my plan. You will submit your lists to the newly-appointed Gift-Giving Committee, which will be headed by my present czar. The present czar will then record all these present suggestions and, keeping in mind the Christmas budget, get you something you want — or something similar or related to it — or better yet, something you need. This means gifts such as educational toys for children, abortions for teenagers, compact fluorescent light bulbs for adults, and euthanasia for seniors (which may or may not be optional, considering whatever version of health care reform passes).

And now you’ll be free from the burden of appeasing Santa, as the committee considers all children to be nice … unless they have shown discriminatory or intolerant behavior. You’ll also be free from having to buy gifts yourself, as that will result in imprisonment for gift-giving inequality. And, once again, there will be no new taxes for any of this, except for the wealthy — the wealthy being defined as anyone who buys excessive luxuries, such as tinsel, eggnog, trees, or colorful blinking lights, which will all be subjected to heavy holiday taxes.

The time for talk is over; the time for gift wish lists writing is now. So let’s get this started. Just go ahead and address the letters you’d normally write to Santa to me instead. And to help us meet the gift delivery date of December 25, it would be really helpful if you would tell me what you think you’ll want three years from now. And if some of you wouldn’t mind celebrating your Christmas later — possibly into the next year — please let me know; otherwise we’ll just have to randomly choose people.

So let’s all have a merry and, better yet, an equal and government-regulated Christmas.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Are They Doing?

The Senate passed its version of Healthcare. There was a lot of posturing and back room deals. Did Americans win or lose?

The healthcare industry has been estimate at one sixth of our total economy. The size and continued rising costs made this a hot button for many years. Americans from every walk of life have been staggering under the weight of medical costs. They begged for some relief and many looked to congress to provide it.

Has anyone seen anything in these bills that will actually produce the results the people asked for? Here are the key points that would make healthcare cheaper.

Cost of Illegal Immigration to our healthcare system
Tort Reform - Frivolous and Record Breaking Awards
Education and Personal Health Responsibility
Freeing up Health Professionals to Deal with actual Health issues
Doctor Availability and the lack of new doctors entering the market
3rd party payer healthcare places incentives in the wrong area (HMOs and the real cost)

Reality is that the current bills passed by both houses don't do anything to contain costs or (What we really need.) reduce the cost to Americans. Instead we have regulations and manipulation of the marketplace that may eventually end up in cost overruns and future bailouts to fix the system that wasn't really broken in the first place. Not once were the issues above addressed in any real way that would actually reduce the burden on the healthcare system and in turn reduce the cost. If congress would have focused on enticing more of our finest into the medical field the issue of coverage and doctor availability would have solved itself in the ten year projections given to the current nightmares going before congress now.

I know Americans want something done about healthcare. Each and everyone of us feel the pain of costs and access, but does anyone honestly think that these bills and the compromises that will take place meet the needs we so desperately need met? We are looking at increases in bureaucracy and regulation that will change every area of healthcare for the worse.

It isn't too late. You can write or call your representatives and let your position be known. You still have the final say at the ballot box. They haven't taken that from you yet.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

He is The Reason

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Everyone enjoys a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas song. Add a Light Show and you have a perfect Christmas Spectacular.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wake UP America

That was great.

If you see injustice, STAND UP
If something needs to be said, SPEAK UP
If you make an appointment, SHOW UP
If you make a mistake, FESS UP
If you’re overstepping, BACK UP
If you get behind, CATCH UP
If they knock you down, GET UP
If you’re out of line, STRAIGHTEN UP
When your boss instructs, KEEP UP
When your elders speak, LISTEN UP
When your teachers teach, SIT UP
When your preachers preach, WAKE UP
When your country calls, MAN UP
Ladies too... WOMAN UP
When the fight is over, MAKE UP
If you’re being hard, EASE UP
If your heart is closed, OPEN UP
If you want to buy something, SAVE UP--
It’s not an entitlement, so SHUT UP!
If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP
If you drop trash, PICK IT UP
If a car is waiting for you to
walk across the street, SPEED IT UP
If you’re cold busted, GIVE IT UP
If people fall down, HELP THEM UP--
Not the government, YOU STEP UP
If idiots start fighting, BREAK IT UP
If the music is wholesome, TURN IT UP
If the message is poisonous, THROW IT UP
If your words are vulgar, CLAM IT UP
If your words encourage, KEEP IT UP
If your pants are baggy, PULL THEM UP
If the belt’s too loose, CINCH IT UP
If your fly is down, ZIP IT UP
If you’re dressed half naked, COVER IT UP
If you can’t afford stuff, PASS IT UP--
No “bailouts” folks, PONY UP
If you made a promise, you BACK IT UP
And you can take your whining and PACK IT UP
It’s called personal responsibility, so TAKE IT UP
This country was founded on it, you can LOOK IT UP
It’s the American way people, so TURN IT UP
Because when life gets boring, you SHAKE IT UP
When life is good, you SOAK IT UP
When life’s unfair, you SUCK IT UP
When life is funny, you can YUCK IT UP
When life is sad, just LOOK STRAIGHT UP
And life’s too short people, so LIVE IT UP!

Everyone should find a message and an inspiration here.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have written many articles about the minimum wage. Every time I do the sad and angry show up to call me names. Well here it is. Some economic got together and wrote a book with what is considered a record level of research into the subject.

How Minimum Wage Affects the Job Hunt
December 14, 2009 - 2:42 PM | by: James Rosen

It's been an article of faith for so long that the minimum wage offers a "hand up" to the people on the lowest rung of the economic ladder, but some recent studies show otherwise.

The most exhaustive of these is a landmark book published last year called "Minimum Wages." It's by two economists, David Neumark of the University of California and William Wascher of the Federal Reserve.

They examined sixty years of data and concluded the minimum wage actually cuts down on job opportunities and even wages, over time, for low-skilled workers.

Neumark broke down his theory for Fox News in simple, layman's terms, starting with the premise of what would happen if the minimum wage were raised again, say, tomorrow.

"Now, many people, of course, will not lose their job. Many people who were employed at the old minimum wage will, you know, have a raise in their wage, and they will still be employed at the new minimum wage,” Neumark told Fox News.

“A small number -- and it depends how big the minimum wage increase is -- will lose their job.

“Some people entering the labor market for the first time, or, you know, anew, will not be able to find a job because of the higher minimum wage."

The last bump for the minimum wage was this past July, a seventy cent increase to $7.25 an hour.

In September, three months later, the teen unemployment rate hit 25.9 percent, a full two points higher than in July, and the highest since World War II.

Charles Lane, a member of the Washington Post editorial board, recently called for the minimum wage to be rolled back as a way of creating jobs. That would require an act of Congress, and it's not likely anytime soon. Democrats control both houses of Congress and the issue has become, particularly for Democrats, freighted with emotion.

Read the rest

Perhaps some make up reading would help.
The Minimum Wage Isn't the Problem
How Do I Understand Price Structure In Business
The Minimum Wage Comes Up Again

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Talk Taxes

We are almost to the end of the year and although we are preparing for the merriment of Christmas some are looking at their tax situation. Making adjustments to your 401k and donations to adjust your year end tax exposure are on the minds of many. You will notice the heavy holiday push for donations. Many charities make the bulk of their income during the last month of the year.

I have been thinking about government spending and our obligation to the debt our government places us under. Most of us are aware of Tax Freedom Day, that is generally celebrated around the middle of April. This year Tax Freedom Day was generally recognized on April 13th even though each state has its own tax variations. This was eight days sooner then 2008 with April 22 being the recognized day. This is a little misleading because it doesn't include many taxes and fees that we pay. This event is directly attributed to income taxes while failing to recognize various user taxes like phone, cable, electricity. It even fails to account for property taxes and licencing fees. We also don't see any allowance for the vast debt our government has racked up and expect us to pay.
If we were to change the name to No Longer Paying Government Obligations day, what day would we actually start working for ourselves?

We can now see taxation holding our wages until June.

In doing my research and reading I ran across a section that gave me great pause.

Nevertheless, in 2009, Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

Go back and read that again. Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

People are often asking why we have to have two incomes to survive. I hear people wishing to spend more time with their family but we are seeing government mismanagement of our money forcing these things upon us. It is time for there to be a change in philosophy in every government office across the land. We need leaders who are willing to review and judge each program as worthy or worthless. We need a serious look at downsizing government.

Let's look at tax history. Here is the tax obligation broken down in ten year cycles. I will include all years since 2000.
1900 5.9%
1910 5.0%
1920 12.0%
1930 11.7%
1940 17.9%
1950 24.6%
1960 27.7%
1970 29.6%
1980 30.4%
1990 30.4%
2000 33.6%
2001 32.6%
2002 29.8%
2003 29.0%
2004 29.3%
2005 31.1%
2006 31.7%
2007 31.8%
2008 30.4%
2009 28.2%

We no longer have a government that reflects our founders mistrust of the government and the original intent of keeping government small with the power base held by the people. We have a continuously growing government that seems to have a ravenous appetite for taxation. The first 150 years we had a government who taxed at less then 5% allowing for the growth and incredible innovation that made America great. We now have a stifling government with business taxes that average 42% and personal taxes that hover near 30%.
Even with these facts easily obtainable people are still acting as if businesses pay nothing.

If we want to return to prosperity and bring back jobs to America perhaps changing our obese government is the starting place. It's time to put congress on a diet.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

How To Reduce Crime

The current liberal mantra is to make us more like Europe. Switzerland, being a small European nation, has been maintaining a policy to reduce crime and mobilize its citizens for years. Perhaps this should be brought to BO's attention.

We have similar results showing up when we look at how guns are treated in various states and cities. The more anti-gun the more crime and violence.

I look forward to at least some European policies being implemented.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

More Jobs -- Where?

Yes, the seasonal job surge has once again shown up. Companies are not hiring as many as usual but an up tick was expected as sellers, mailers and marketers enjoy the Christmas rush. The slight improvement from 10.2% to 10% was used as a lifting point in a speech given by BO.

Once again nothing happened but everyone is making a big deal over it. These seasonal jobs are generally low in pay and high on inconvenience. They usually fall into odd times in the early morning or evening hours. Let me not diminish the fact that working and providing for ones needs at any job is better then being destitute over the holidays. So many suffer do to the economic conditions brought forward by Bush and magnified by Obama, that any help should be welcomed.

Instead of allowing big business to fail and small businesses to step in and rise up. They rewarded bad business practices with our money and then denied us things that we actually needed. These poor choices by our representatives have lengthened our suffering and prolonged our economic failings. Millions continue to be out of work while we witness more bank failures and more businesses closing.

To big to fail? Perhaps to big to save. How much more will they give away?

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