Friday, August 15, 2008

Which Candidate Should Answer That Phone

The Clinton ad that got it going had to do with a 3am call and the world was on the line. The commercial wasn't that great but it started the nation thinking about who they want in the oval office. The conflict in Russia and Georgia does an exceptional job of hammering this home.

Obama did his poll the world speech that included getting a UN resolution together. I guess he forgot that Russia was a permanent member and could veto any resolution that came before the UN. I guess he also hasn't noticed that there hasn't really been a successful UN Resolution. Can any of you remember one that actually worked?

McCain got this issue dead on. He came out hard core. He pushed aside politics and went straight to the issue. That was what I would call presidential. George made some strong statements but they were all gums not teeth.

Fred Thompson recently put out an article that puts this into perspective. You may want to read what he had to say on this issue. He ties it up into what kind of nation do we want to be come next year. We are looking at some tough decisions in our future and we need a candidate who can stand on his own and not lean on the rest of the world.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes They Can

I wrote about the group claiming to be able to make oil from anything organic a while ago. They had isolated the bacteria needed to break down organic matter and pump oil from waste products. The media didn't seem to care much about this fantastic development and buried the story. The US Army took note and is planning to have oil from anything plants on six of its bases here in the US.

These facilities will be smaller than what future production centers will need to be to supply the entire country but they will make a huge difference. Within a year the Army could be fully independent of foreign oil. You may want to go back and read that sentence again. Fully independent from foreign oil is the goal of the whole country and using this technology can make it happen. It won't make the greenies happy, who were looking at forcing us from our cars.

I expect a major environmental battle once these plants start in. The army bases have a lot of liberty when it comes to installations but the protesters will line up. These enviro nuts have been excited over the high oil prices and the sudden surge in public transportation. They have been going crazy over the drop in personal driving and the loss of freedom by the average American. That's right, Loss of Freedom. We have been forced to go only where the government thinks we should go based on public transportation administrators. Oil translates to personal freedom in America.

We are looking at about five years until we reach energy Independence in the oil category with the full implementation of this technology. There are those who don't want us to Drill Now. They have been pushing alternative energy as the solution but don't have any idea what that solution will look like. The solution is here. We really don't have to change much of anything. We make waste and this company turns it into fuel. This reduces landfill needs, cuts environmental hazards of mass drilling and provides us with a fuel that allows us to keep all our current vehicles. The bottom line is, it reduces all the standard complaints of enviro wackos so you know they will hate it.

U.S. green lights 'anything into oil'

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama Fails Basic Business Again

AWR Hawkins has written an article that clearly explains the error of Obama and his anti-business friends. Gauging Obama's Energy Policy is a master piece that tells it like it is. Set aside the emotional hype and open your mind to what is really being said.

Gauging Obama's Energy Policy

Barack Obama recently announced that if elected President, he would implement a “windfall profits tax” on oil companies to force them to “contribute a reasonable share” of their profits to American families burdened by high energy costs. The money would come to families via rebates, or “stimulus checks,” from the federal government. And while he was obviously proud of his big idea, Obama did not bother mentioning that the Democrat practice of putting socialism first, the environment second, and the American people third, is what brought us to the brink we now face over energy costs in the first place. He also remains mute on the fact that the rebates really aren’t rebates at all, and will result in higher prices at the pump once they are issued.
Throughout his campaign for the presidency, Obama has remained aligned with the hard left because he is hard left. This is why he was so popular in Europe and why he drew much bigger crowds in Germany than he does in the United States; socialists love to hear another socialist stand up and verbally gouge out the eyes of the world’s “greediest” nation.
And now, he is talking to us as if we are European. He tells us about the unacceptable greed of “big oil” and tries to convince us to join him in his quest to take their profits and redistribute them among the people. But we are not quite European, Senator Obama, and those of us who live where we still see cowboys on horseback rounding up cattle are not overly impressed with what socialism has taken from Europeans in terms of personal liberty and national security. We actually treasure the rugged independence of the great men and traditions of this nation. Men like George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and the American soldier, and traditions such as limited government and the free market.

Go read the rest of Gauging Obama's Energy Policy

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Life's A Changing

Life has been coming on fast. I am buying a house and preparing to move. The crunch of moving out and moving in along with doing my job is taking much of my time. Children are soon going to be back in school. Vacations and projects are all coming due.

I am expecting to close on my house next week. I need to be out of my current house by the end of the month. Boxes and packing are not my favorite activity. As the head of a family of five with small children the task seems huge. One box at a time, but which box first, second, third......

Things are changing at work while all this is going on. Change in both places adds to the stress. I have had to reschedule and change all my employee schedules as well as prepare for some of our regular work to change delivery days and times. The chaos and indecisiveness of the customer only adds to the joy.

The kids are all excited about going to school. The screams of joy are almost more then I can stand. Actually, the moping and frustration, the curiosity and questions keep coming. Moving to a new school, with new friends has its good and bad thoughts.

While all this goes on people are finishing their summer vacations and attempting to finish the projects of summer. I did my whole yard with the help of a couple of high school boys. It was a project I needed to do, and moving made it now.

Life's coming fast. I hope your ride is good and make sure you keep the seat belt fastened tight.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Skateboarding Dog

Sometimes you just need to let go. Perhaps this will help a little.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Why Not?

Everyday Americans are demanding that something gets done about energy prices. We hear from our elected leaders and the people on the street that we need energy independence. It doesn't matter what party you affiliate yourself the call is clear, America needs to be meeting its own energy needs. I can't count the number of times people have pointed to the fact that we are buying oil from those who seek our destruction. We are literally buying the bombs being used against us.
Incredible leaps and energies are being focused on finding alternatives to meet our needs. Currently almost 90% of our energy needs are being served by oil. Yet America only supplies a small percentage of what it uses.
We have so much more available but we are not allowed to access it. Why do we choose to buy what we have? Our elected leaders, in their infinite wisdom, have refused to bend to the will of their constituents. Americans are screaming "Drill Here, Drill Now", and congress refuses to bend. 76% of America recognizes that drilling our own oil is the first step to energy independence.
That's right the entire congress is to blame, but one person has the greatest portion of this blame. Nancy Pelosi has single handedly kept this issue from receiving an up or down vote. She flatly refuses to let Americans use what they own. She says crazy things like "You can't drill your way out of this."
Drilling for oil right here, right now will change the price of oil almost immediately. Within six months of congress passing a law that would allow us to drill, oil prices would fall like a rock. The world knows that viable energy and oil drilling costs money and that figure that makes doing our own thing not worth the cost is $80 dollars a barrel. Once oil falls below $95 a barrel various sources become unworthy of the cost to produce. Once we reach $80 a barrel the worlds oil becomes too cheap not to buy. The oil supplying nations will be only too happy to keep our money flowing to their sand box. They simply can't afford for America to stop buying their oil.
If we want Energy Independence we are going to have to resist this temptation and continue drilling and recovering our own oil. We might have to pay a little more at the pumps in order to put the infrastructure in place to make independence possible. The cost would still be less than what we are paying now. Prices would be around $3 a gallon for us to put the system in place and start supplying our own. The cost of independence will be about fifty cents a gallon. I'm willing to pay the extra to bring Independence to America. Are you willing to do what it takes? When the price falls will you continue to demand independence?
Alternative energies will still need support and development. We need to broaden our energy possibilities. Are Americans willing to do what it takes?

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