Sunday, September 19, 2010

Give Me The Hammer

This song is the center of controversy as he is now unemployed. When you make a song that fails the PC challenge, something bad is bound to happen.

I think this man should be applauded for his dead on lyrics. Novembers coming and we are going to pound home our point.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

It Took A Lot To Get Here, Don't Give It Up

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

By Now Everyone Knows

Tea Party candidates were taken lightly or ignored by the established big party crowd. Their failure to meet the needs of the people has resulted in their loss. O'Donnell in Delaware, Paladino in New York and Miller in Alaska are just the tip of the iceberg. The American conservative is rising up and they wont be denied.
The winning by each candidate only serves to bolster the movement. It was only months ago that tea party candidates were scorned and told they didn't have a chance. The elitists in power have only begun to feel the sting that was delivered during the primary season. I can't wait for the general election.

The GOP at first reacted out of anger but clear heads have prevailed. They have come to the realization that they better get behind the tea party candidates or risk being tossed aside.

The Democrats are starting to feel their oats thinking the GOP is fractured. Reality is the vast conservative populace is rising up and preparing to toss the establish candidates. We warned them. We told them to not vote for bailouts. They didn't listen. We told them not to vote for the stimulus but they assured us that they know better. We told them we didn't want Obamacare and they cramed it down our throats while we screamed against it.

We Are Coming For Each of You.

"We the People" have had enough.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Did You See That?

While you were watching the primaries Harry Reid was trying to give away your nation.

Reid Adding Amnesty Measure to Defense Bill
Published September 14, 2010 | Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he wants to attach an amendment to a defense policy bill that would help young people in the United States illegally become legal U.S. residents.

The Nevada Democrat said at a Capitol news conference that the legislation known as the DREAM Act is long overdue. He would not say whether he has the votes for the amendment. The act would allow young people who attend college or join the military to become legal U.S. residents.

Read The Rest.

You can't turn your head away and stop watching. They are hoping your attention is elsewhere. We the people have to constantly intervene to steer this ship called congress. The captain is drunk on power and the leadership pretends to be royalty. It takes a strong act by the average citizen to do the job we sent them there to do.

November is coming. Registar and vote. We need representatives that will take their constitutional oath seriously. We need representatives that want to restore American independence. Don't vote party or name. Let's put quality individuals back in charge.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The American People Already Know the Truth

The media is attempting to tame the angst of the voter. No one wants to blame BO for anything tied to the economy but the electorate isn't buying. Now I find an article that does a fair job at trying to paint Obama into a new era of presidency.

Such powerlessness in the face of economic free fall has emerged as a hallmark of the modern presidency. While Mr. Obama is facing a more acute economic crisis moment than his predecessors, characterized by a near depression, the truth is that every president going back to Jimmy Carter, at one point or another, has had to campaign or govern in an environment dominated by the same cyclical and stubborn factors — recession, unemployment, rising energy costs. And so perhaps Mr. Obama’s presidency, as it reaches its midway point, is best understood not in isolation, but rather as part of a longer and still undefined political moment.

The farther we get from presidencies, after all, the more we tend to view them as belonging to periods rather than individuals, as sometimes overlapping clusters along the country’s historical continuum. We’ve had pre-Civil War-era and Reconstruction-era presidents, Industrial-era presidents and Depression-era presidents. The last discernible era belonged unmistakably to the cold war and can be said to have encompassed every president from Harry Truman through Ronald Reagan, all of whom served under the shadow of Armageddon.

When historians look back 50 years from now, in what era will they place Mr. Obama’s presidency, and what does it say about the challenges he faces?

Projecting his ultimate greatness in the future, they attempt to create a special class or situation that will absolve him from his apparent failures. Oddly they start off calling his current situation part of a normal cycle. They don't bother showing how some of them over came the problems, while others only made them worse.

Historians have different ways of looking at the question. But in interviews, several hit on the same basic theme, which is that Mr. Obama and his immediate predecessors have been forced to contend with the erosion of self-sufficiency. In other words, until the end of the Soviet Union, America’s economic and national security were largely self-determined, thanks to its manufacturing might and its ability to negotiate treaties with other states. But the advent of truly global markets, along with threats from non-state forces like Al Qaeda, changed all that. Now we live in an integrated world where American jobs rely on the economic policies of governments in Asia or Latin America, while our security is subject to the whims of a cleric living in a cave.

In their attempt to confuse and remove blame from their leader, they inadvertently gave away the answer to the whole thing. The key, no one wants to talk about, fell out of their pocket. The Key, "the erosion of self-sufficiency", is the very issue that would be whole heartedly embraced by almost all Americans.
Our power came from self-sufficiency. We really didn't need anyone as much as they needed us. We mined it, made it, and even created it right here in the USA. Through regulation and environmentalism we have given away much of our independence and with it our freedom. Now we give away our wealth to those who don't like us. We negotiate deals with despots who have no intention of honoring them and no fear of penalty.

What we need is to fix the problem. The next election cycle is just the starting place. We want less government and less government regulation. We want to suspend a number of environmental policies and start using our own resources. We have plenty of oil, coal and gas. We have plenty of people who would be willing to start manufacturing if taxes and regulation made it possible again. We have driven business and manufacturing from our shores but we can bring them back as well.

Vote for candidates who are pro capitalism and pro constitution. Vote for candidates who want to restore independence to America. These are the candidates who will give you real "Hope and Change".

Quotes taken from: The Presidency, Chained to the World fm New York Times.

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Are You Thinking About Starting a Business

I am always on the lookout for things that need to be said. I found this over at Tom's Place. It clearly portrays the uphill battle, that every business must face.

This Is Why There Are No Jobs in America
By Porter Stansberry
Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'd like to make you a business offer.

Seriously. This is a real offer. In fact, you really can't turn me down, as you'll come to understand in a moment...

Here's the deal. You're going to start a business or expand the one you've got now. It doesn't really matter what you do or what you're going to do. I'll partner with you no matter what business you're in – as long as it's legal.

But I can't give you any capital – you have to come up with that on your own. I won't give you any labor – that's definitely up to you. What I will do, however, is demand you follow all sorts of rules about what products and services you can offer, how much (and how often) you pay your employees, and where and when you're allowed to operate your business. That's my role in the affair: to tell you what to do.

Now in return for my rules, I'm going to take roughly half of whatever you make in the business each year. Half seems fair, doesn't it? I think so. Of course, that's half of your profits.

You're also going to have to pay me about 12% of whatever you decide to pay your employees because you've got to cover my expenses for promulgating all of the rules about who you can employ, when, where, and how. Come on, you're my partner. It's only "fair."

Now... after you've put your hard-earned savings at risk to start this business, and after you've worked hard at it for a few decades (paying me my 50% or a bit more along the way each year), you might decide you'd like to cash out – to finally live the good life.

Whether or not this is "fair" – some people never can afford to retire – is a different argument. As your partner, I'm happy for you to sell whenever you'd like... because our agreement says, if you sell, you have to pay me an additional 20% of whatever the capitalized value of the business is at that time.

I know... I know... you put up all the original capital. You took all the risks. You put in all of the labor. That's all true. But I've done my part, too. I've collected 50% of the profits each year. And I've always come up with more rules for you to follow each year. Therefore, I deserve another, final 20% slice of the business.

Oh... and one more thing...

Even after you've sold the business and paid all of my fees... I'd recommend buying lots of life insurance. You see, even after you've been retired for years, when you die, you'll have to pay me 50% of whatever your estate is worth.

After all, I've got lots of partners and not all of them are as successful as you and your family. We don't think it's "fair" for your kids to have such a big advantage. But if you buy enough life insurance, you can finance this expense for your children.

All in all, if you're a very successful entrepreneur... if you're one of the rare, lucky, and hard-working people who can create a new company, employ lots of people, and satisfy the public... you'll end up paying me more than 75% of your income over your life. Thanks so much.

I'm sure you'll think my offer is reasonable and happily partner with me... but it doesn't really matter how you feel about it because if you ever try to stiff me – or cheat me on any of my fees or rules – I'll break down your door in the middle of the night, threaten you and your family with heavy, automatic weapons, and throw you in jail.

That's how civil society is supposed to work, right? This is Amerika, isn't it?

That's the offer Amerika gives its entrepreneurs. And the idiots in Washington wonder why there are no new jobs...


Porter Stansberry

The author captured the plight of American business. No longer are we free to enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We pay dearly for each one even though the price has been paid in full with the death of many a patriot. The freedoms once guaranteed by our constitution have been so watered down that when one drinks in, expecting to taste freedom, they are left with a bitter, dry mouth.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9/11

My life dramatically changed a few days before, when my identical twin daughters were born. The family was under a lot of stress. We had only been home for a day or so. Life was to start settling in to normal. When everything changed.

I was in my car. I had just dropped my son off at the bus stop and was heading to the pharmacy to get a few items. I turned on the radio. It was like a modern day War of The Worlds hoax. I couldn't believe my ears. I tried changing channels but it was on the next one as well. My cell phone started ringing.


I bought what I needed at the pharmacy and raced home. Every channel on the TV was locked in on the horror. The plane hit the second tower over and over.

Having been to NYC and in the WTC I knew it well. In my mind I could picture all the views from the viewing floor. I could picture the streets and buildings around them. Deep within me I could feel the panic and anger that was starting to burn. Seeing them fall was a gruesome horror. I knew many would be lost.

While all this was playing out before my eyes, people were saying there may yet be more. Other planes, plots and terrorists could strike anywhere in our nation. We were unprepared and uninformed. We became aware of the plane at the Pentagon and the flight 93. Was there still more?

The world seemed at a stand-still for days. I was busy with my new family members and trying to cope with all the added stress. For days we hoped and watched as the rubble was sifted. Only one shining moment stood out.

For months we stood united as a nation.

Today we need to regain that passion and union. We need to be The United States of America again. We need to restore traditions and values that built and made this nation strong and successful. We need leadership who will represent us and not special interests. We need those who swear to uphold and protect the constitution to actually read it, and then do it. Remember what it felt like to stand together? This is the America that we should live everyday.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Doubts and the Dow

Everyone is going gaga over the Dow. Yes, I am talking about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It has gone up everyday in September. There has only been three of them. It still hasn't topped where it started at the beginning of the year. People who are heavily invested are still in the red. But, Whoa Nelly, are we excited.

To be totally overtaken with enthusiasm, look we are stuck back at 2004. Nothing is happening here.

It is all a ploy to make us think things are getting better. To make us believe that our president is actually doing something to improve our economy. The truth is that nothing has changed and nothing is really better.

Okay, just so someone doesn't show up and claim that BO has actually improved the stock market since he has been in office. Here is the chart.

On the 17th of February 2009 the president signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Dow continued to plunge. When we started to come back, he signs another bill and we plunge again. If you look at each of the drops and then the dates he signs legislation, you will see a pattern. The pattern has some variation with pre or post bill blues and bliss.

The key here is that nothing has been dome to restore confidence in the market. There is always another bill on the block that will take more out of business. There is a constant supply of money draining bills that stop progress and stagnate the market.

Our organizer and chief has no idea what it takes to motivate business into action. You would think all politicians would want to understand this given that most of the tax revenue structure is based on earnings both personal and business. Instead, we see every means possible for closing up business and stopping income earning.

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